Anodic redissolution polarography is undeniably the most effective analytical method for the detection of impurities contained in mercury.

In own case, this consists of the following.

  • 1 a central unit including the electronics required in order to vary the different parameters
  • a support to which is fitted a reference electrode which is used to produce the drops of mercury.
  • 3 a recorder for the curve readouts

We can detect impurities of the order of 0.1 ppb. With this method, only the impurities are dissolved in different support electrolytes according to the element(s) to be tested; these are then reconcentrated on a suspended drop of mercury and detected by anodic redissolution.

This requires support electrolytes of very high purity, prepared in our laboratory and guaranteeing reliable analyses so as to ensure the purity of the mercury and permanent monitoring of our distillation units.