Mercury Sale

The mercury that comes from our laboratory is vacuum-distilled, as has always been the case with liquids demanding a certain standard of purity.

The quality of the mercury is partly due to the design of the distillation equipment.

All the grades of mercury that we supply are packed in plain glass bottles guaranteed new, washed and oven-dried.

Bottles made of tinted glass containing inorganic salts are not suitable for keeping this metal.

Mercury packed in polyethylene or PVC does not keep more than 40 days (possible formation of organometallic compounds):



Class Grade of mercury Packaging Application
I 99.9% Pure
(mine import)
Not available
II Min. 99.99%
1 to 3 kg glass bottles*

Thermometers, Barometers Tensimeters, Pressure gauges
III Min. 99.9999%
0.250 to 3 kg
glass bottles*
Porosimeters Lamp catalysis and fluorescent tubes, dental,
IV Min. 99.999999%
0.250 to 3 kg
glass bottles*
V Min. 99.9999999%
1 to 1600 g
sealed ampoules
(epitaxy) Optronics

Classes III, IV and V are packed in dry nitrogen (u).
Class V mercury is produced by hexadistillation using a special reactor. This very high purity material is designed for the production of mercury-cadmium-telluride (MCT) monocrystals. Grade 9N electronic mercury is always packed in sealed glass ampoules; this specially produced form of packaging is done on request for a unit capacity of 1 to 1600 grams.

The guaranteed purity is at least 99.9999999% (9N); the detection of impurities depends on the analytical sensitivity applicable to this material.

Electronics-grade Mercury 9N

Ag < 0.001 ppm   Mo < 0,005
AI < 0,005
  Mn < 0,001
Au < 0,01
  Na < 0,005
Ba < 0,005
  Ni < 0,001
Ca < 0,01
  Pb < 0,005
Cd < 0.01   Se < 0,01
Co < 0.001
  Sn < 0,01
Cr < 0,005
  Sr < 0,001
Cu < 0.005   Te < 0,01
Fe < 0,005
  Ti < 0,001
Ga < 0,001
  Zn < 0,005
Mg < 0.001