Our Society

Ophram Laboratoire has 35 years' experience in the production of metal mercury; this involves two main activities : 

I. Recycling and refining metal mercury, with a twofold objective: 
the reuse of unused or abandoned stocks in order to avoid mining; the recycling and refining of our end-user customers' mercury.

II. Specialising in the production of high-purity mercury (99.9999999%) in sealed ampoules, a grade supplied to industries requiring ultra-pure materials, chiefly in the microelectronics and optronics sector for the production of semiconductors (infrared photodetection, HgCdTe). 

Manufactured ampoules 

This high-purity mercury is of the quality required for the production of monocrystals and epitaxic layers such as double cadmium-mercury tellurides.


OPHRAM laboratoire also produces 99.8% bromine ampoules (1 to 3 ml) for laboratories working in the infrared range.