ADDITORR is a range of special lubricants for vacuum pumps. They are polymer-based for high-temperature operations and designed to ensure perfect lubrication and protection of the mechanical components.

Exceptional physicochemical resistance to most of the gases found in backing pumps. Uranium hexafluoride, acetonitrile, aluminium chloride, arsine, phosphine, boron, arsenic, chlorine and bromine. 
High nitrile function cohesion. 
Longer intervals between oil changes. Increased pump life.

Manufacture of semiconductors
Heat treatments,
nitriding Pharmaceutics Ionic implantation Chemistry, plastics technology

Technicals references :

  HP5 (NA) HP10 HP20 (NA)
Tension of steam at 20°C <3.10-5 mbar <3.10-5 mbar <3.10-5 mbar <3.10-5 mbar
Tension of steam at 65°C 1.10-4 mbar 1.10-4 mbar 1.10-4 mbar 1.10-4 mbar
Viscosity at 20°C 280 cSt 315 cSt 520 cSt 750 cSt
Viscosity at 40°C 91 cSt 96 cSt 145 cSt 175 cSt
Viscosity at 60°C 38 cSt 39 cSt 64 cSt 70 cSt
Density 0.879 0.884 0.888 0.891
Degree of acidity 0.0015 0.003 0.006 0.009
Flowing out point -15.6°C -15°C -14.5°C -14°C
Flash point >280°C >280°C >280°C >280°C

Class of toxicity according DL 50 (french standard) zero physical shape liquid Aspect amber Odour zero. 
Explosivity zero Silicones none Metallic particles none Solubility baltan.

ADDITORR HP 10 For pumping water vapour and relatively unaggressive gases. 
ADDITORR HP 30 for pumping large quantities of water vapour and highly aggressive gases.